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Your Kitchen will look factory painted. It won't look redone, it will look brand new!

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What our clients say

We want to thank you for giving us our DREAM KITCHEN! When we moved into our new house we knew that we had to refinish the cabinets as soon as possible. The cabinet color was just not us. We wanted to make sure we picked the right company to do the Job. We were afraid that we would pick a painter that would make the cabinets look like they were painted. We wanted them to look like they were brand new and never refinished. You made them look brand new. After meeting with you and getting a chance to see your shop and talk about your process we felt you would do a great Job. You and your helper were very professional and we enjoyed getting to know you while you were doing the work in our kitchen. We are so happy we picked Delaware Valley Restoration. We love our new Kitchen.

Thank you”

Joe and Nicole

“Hi Mike:
I wanted to write to thank you for your work on our kitchen. When we first decided to update our 15 year old kitchen, we opted only to replace the appliances, countertops and backsplash, and keep the golden oak cabinets which were still in decent shape and laid out in a functional manner. However, after the updates, we realized how dated our cabinets looked compared to the new stainless appliances and granite countertops, so we decided to have our cabinets refinished to an ivory white. After meeting with several refinishing companies, we opted to go with Delaware Valley Restoration. We could not be happier with the end result. Not only were you able to give our cabinets a new look with an invory color with “rub through” to accentuate the cabinet details, you were also able to fix a number of minor issues with our cabinets (a crooked drawer here, a loose panel there), leaving them in better shape then when we moved in. You and your crew taped and masked the kicthen with care to protect our new appliances, and the finishing touches, including installing matching new trim on the toekick, give the final kitchen a truly modern and custom feel. The results speak for themselves.”

Jason Baranski


I’ve been meaning to send a note…sorry it took so long. The granite in the kitchen has been installed and the cabinets look awesome. The colors we chose are perfect against the countertop. Once I get the backsplash tiles in I will send a picture of the finished project. Looks like we have a brand new kitchen. I am very pleased with how everything turned out.

Thanks again,”


“Good morning Mike,

We are writing this to thank you for wonderful work you did on our kitchen. We were not comfortable at first to have our “RUTT” made Kitchen cabinets refinished, but they have been made more than 20 years ago and time had put its mark on them. After long deliberation, we finally decided to take a chance and have our kitchen cabinets refinished. From those who we had considered your (Delaware Valley Restoration) approach was more professional and impressive so we were sold. From the beginning we insisted on preserving the original cherry color of cabinets and you promised us to do your best “As humanely possible” to match the color. We are glad to admit the results were even better that what we had expected and we thank you for it. We also appreciate all other aspect of the work like punctuality, courtesy, flexibility and cleanliness that you and your team exhibited in our project. Once again thank you for a great job and without a doubt we will recommend your company to our friends and family for their refinishing and restoration needs in the future.

Best regards,”

Sia and Taby